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Karen Harris, MD

Advanced-level Therapist
The John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Approach (JFB-MFR). 


After 37 years of traditional medical practice (8 years in Anesthesiology and then 27 years in Anatomic/Surgical Pathology), Karen was two months away from early retirement when her life took a surprising turn, finally enabling her to help people more than ever before in her medical career.

Years of working too much and not enough self-care had caused postural problems, and she was developing painful frozen shoulders. She didn’t want to take pain medications and deal with their side effects, and she had not experienced enough relief from the many types of standard musculoskeletal therapy she had tried over the years.  She “coincidentally” discovered the John F. Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release (JFB-MFR) while away on vacation in 2019. One session greatly improved her shoulder pain and range of motion for a few weeks until she was able to find a JFB-MFR therapist at home.


Then she learned that John Barnes was “coincidentally” scheduled a month later to train healthcare professionals for 11 days right here in Clearwater, Florida. Not believing in coincidences, she knew that she had been led throughout her entire life to that seminar and to this life-changing work.


She attended that training and many more in the next few years, including a week in each of John Barnes’ two treatment clinics, honored to be learning from and treating patients alongside him and his staff of amazing expert-level therapists, and encouraged by feedback from him, his therapists, and patients.


Learning to feel with her own hands what was happening in the patients’ tissues was so exciting that in 2022 she abandoned retirement and started her own JFB-MFR practice. She has earned Advanced-level therapist designation and has attended a total of 344 hours of training (as of October 2023).


She regularly receives MFR treatment from many experienced MFR therapists and other types of manual therapists, including Neurosomatic Therapists, part of a life-long process of personal awareness and continual improvement of her skills…an investment by her that is critical for enabling her to help YOU in your healing journey.  "You can only help your patients to go as far as you've been willing to go."(John F. Barnes, PT)

You can learn more about this therapy at the John Barnes website, particularly the articles listed on his website in the Resources tab.

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