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Karen Harris, MD

Advanced Therapist in The John F. Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release (JFB-MFR). 


In 2019 after 30 years of practicing anesthesiology and clinical pathology, Karen was suffering and frustrated with a nagging, painful, nearly frozen shoulder.  Having tried everything offered by her medical colleagues, she had the good fortune to encounter the John F. Barnes Approach to Myofascial Release (JFB-MFR).  After just one session, with most of her pain resolved and range of motion restored, she retired from her career and embarked on a mission to learn this amazing therapy that provided better results than other type of musculoskeletal healthcare she had ever received.

She soon experienced the best eleven days of her life… physically, emotionally, mentally, and in a universal spiritual sense… at a 3-seminar series of 11 days of hands-on training that John Barnes was “coincidentally” teaching right here in Clearwater, Florida.

 Not believing that anything is just a coincidence, she knew that she had slowly been led throughout her entire life and medical career to that seminar and to this life-changing work.
One short month later she was again in awe for five days in John Barnes’ treatment clinic in Sedona Arizona, immersed in his 40-hour 5-day Skill Enhancement Seminar, honored to be learning from and treating patients with him and his staff of amazing Expert-level therapists, encouraged by feedback from therapists and patients... and more importantly, what she was learning to feel with her own hands that was happening in the patients’ tissues.    

 While continuing to maintain her license to practice medicine in the state of Florida, she has achieved Advanced Level JFB-MFR Therapist status by completing 12 of the 16 JFB-MFR seminars (244 total hours) and now specializes in solely providing MFR therapy to her patients.  She also regularly receives MFR treatment from many experienced MFR therapists and other bodyworkers, part of a life-long process of personal discovery and continuous improvement of her skills…an investment by her that is critical for enabling her to help you in your healing journey.  To quote/paraphrase John F. Barnes, PT, "You can only help your patients to let go of as much as you've been willing to release."

You can learn more about this therapy at the John Barnes website, particularly the articles listed on his website in the Resources tab.

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