Neurosomatic Therapy Methodology 


Discovering Neurosomatic Therapy 

Restoring Balance to Relieve Pain

Neurosomatic Therapy, or NST, identifies and corrects structural pathologies and biomechanical imbalances in the body that cause pain or neurological damage. NST fills a void left by traditional healthcare by analyzing the soft tissue causes of your pain. When performed in isolation; massage therapy, physical therapy, chiropractic care, and medicinal pain management often fail to address the entire health issue. 

Five Stages of 


  1. Elimate Muscle Spasm 

  2. Restore Flexibility 

  3. Restore Proper Biomechanics 

  4. Increase Muscular Strength 

  5. Increase Muscular Endurance 



Every patient who comes to our clinic will experience a detailed postural and gait analysis. By documenting one's structure in static and movement phases, muscular imbalances and faulty movement patterns will be identified and dictate the treatment plan.  This structural charting allows the therapist to locate potentially hidden sources of pain and quantifiably tracks the patient's progress in meeting their goals. 

As part of the first session, the patient will also participate in an in-depth interview with the therapist. In addition to structurewe want to understand the symptoms and story. Once the evaluation is complete, the therapist will take the time to explain the findings and what to expect in the way of treatment.

Information gathered from the structural assessments, symptoms, and story will dictate the appropriate stage of rehabilitation. Do you avoid exercise because you are in pain days afterwards? You may have to begin at stage 1 of rehabilitation before proceeding to exercise. This is why at our clinic we take pride in our assessment measures. 

Discovering Dysfunctional Posture


Movement Patterns 



Balancing Your Structure

Information gathered from previous assessments will guide our innovative techniques for manual therapy that will specifically target contracted muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, or organs. Our approach to restore balance and function targeted utilizes deep tissue release therapy, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, and muscle energy technique (MET). 

This hands-on, non-invasive treatment is aimed to restore muscle balance, restoring structure, and removing compensation patterns. 




A change in posture done right should leave a structure ready to have muscle built on it 

Upon completing the first two stages of rehabilitation, you are now ready to re-educate neurologically ‘turned off’ soft tissue perhaps from years of faulty movement patterns. 

At our clinic, we see the powerful benefits of combining manual therapy with corrective exercise in order to sustain a long-lasting structural change. 

Just like your treatment, exercises will be devised specifically based on your assessments to avoid the problem of strengthening muscles that are already strong. 


Patient Education 

Ensuring Sustained Pain-Free

Quality of Life 

The final stage of your comprehensive therapy program is a customized plan to prevent recurrence of injury or imbalance. Based on your individualized needs, your Neurosomatic Therapist will train you in various techniques to stretch or strengthen the muscles to prevent them from pulling your body out of alignment.