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Form Follows Function

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Function Follows Form 

As a Neurosomatic Therapist, our ultimate goal is to have each patient move biomechanically correctly as well as aligning each patient on all three anatomical planes - the mid-sagittal, coronal, and horizontal planes. Achieving this for each patient will drastically reduce the amount of stress placed on joints, cartilage, and discs. This type of therapy is based on the pure science of physics related to the body. Due to the body moving in six dimensions, we take numerous measurements of all these dimensions to reveal where the body has moved off the three planes of motion and developed abnormal movement patterns. 

We also specialize in analyzing for leg length inequality (the short leg syndrome) as research has shown that as little as five millimeters of leg difference causes orthopedic damage. With even a few millimeters difference, this structural difference will create a chain of compensations throughout the whole body.