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Nick Bologno, BS, CNS, LMT, CES 

Certified Neurosomatic Specialist #MA95602


Graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2016 with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, Nick did not know which healthcare path to take. Enduring in medical school to become an orthopedic surgeon was always in Nick’s vision post graduation. However he always had an odd feeling about this route; was it his true passion? In the meantime, he accepted a job offering at FYZICAL Fitness located in Fort Myers, Florida as a personal trainer after his spring internship giving thought which healthcare route he wanted to endure in; chiropractic, physical therapy, massage therapy, and even acupuncture. Little did he know, he fell in love with the industry; the one-on-one interaction, motivating an individual toward a goal, and loved seeing people’s body change just as much as their character from self-confidence. A year later he was promoted to Director of Personal Training which he states started his entrepreneurial mindset.   

Being new to the personal training industry, one very important factor Nick noticed was that majority of people were in pain. Even though he did help a few clients get out of pain, often times he found it frustrating because he did not learn this side of the exercise science field. Due to FYZICAL Fitness compromising mostly of Physical Therapy, with little of massage therapy, he witnessed the true healthcare industry and did not like what he saw. There was no individual attention to each patient and they were treated more like a number rather than person. Most of the physical therapists or massage therapists spend more time on the computer dictating notes for insurance companies rather than focusing on their patients form. 

That is when he found The Center for Neurosomatic Studies in Clearwater, Florida. He fell in love with this field due to being more medically based from a holistic health or natural healing prospective. Learning under the founders of Neurosomatic Therapy, Paul St. John and Randy Clark, it has been such an informative and intense experience. Picking the brains of the founders for 18 months, Nick feels confident getting people out of pain by combining the knowledge from The Center for Neurosomatic Studies and his Exercise Science degree. His goal is to have the public transition to a different view for this type of work compared to modern healthcare providers today. 

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