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Patient Testimonials 


Coach Bill Steele

- Saved from Surgery -

After injuring my shoulder in late October, I had an MRI and X-rays, and a radiologist diagnosed the shoulder injury as a full thickness tear of the supraspinatus tendon.  Three orthopedic surgeons (all “top notch") said that the only solution would be to stretch out the tendon, screw it back onto the humerus, and “clean up" the bone spurs. The recovery would be painful and take six months or more.


But I delayed the surgery since one of my daughters was getting married in December. In early January I decided to do some one-arm swimming. Leo Briceno, the top open water swim coach in the Tampa Bay area, mentioned that one of his swimmers was a Neurosomatic Therapist, and he recommended I check it out before having surgery.


After 10 sessions with Beth Wonicker-Cook - I have full mobility without pain in the injured shoulder, and placed 3rd in my age group in a one mile open water swim race.


Over many years coaching and training I’ve come to believe that most people cannot perform proper athletic movements, or become injured when they try, because their bodies have adapted all too well to poor movement patterns and postures. I’ve often recommended deep soft-tissue massage and various myofascial release techniques for my athletes, but I have never seen such positive results as I have had myself with this type of release. 

Nicholas Sabella

- Brining out the old athlete within -

I am currently four weeks into working with Nick. The results we've already achieved are beyond words. Here goes: I've been in the "health/rehab" game since my first major brain surgery at 16 years of age; I am currently just a hair under 34. In the past 17+ years I have tried every and any thing I could to help me fully recover from the brutal affects that all 9 of my brain surgeries + a major car accident have had on me. I have major issues in all facets of me (mind, body, spirit). Most visible to the naked eye, the aforementioned manifests in the physical- I now currently walk with a noticeably dysfunctional gait with the help of a hiking stick.

When I first started with Nick a month ago I was at a low-point in my life. I would literally drag myself around on the day to day while expending ridiculous amounts of energy getting from point A to point B. In truth, I was barely keeping up with taking care of myself. I just didn't have the energy to do all of the things that a fully-functioning adult does to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Autonomy has been both an ultimate goal and immense struggle since the onset of my medical issues for as long as I've been considered an "adult."

Nick has been working wonders with my body this past month. His main focus has been on releasing all of the tension in my muscles that have literally pulled my skeletal structure out of alignment. This is a very difficult and often painful process so it's nice to be working with someone who truly understands the many systems of the body and how they connect/affect one another like Nick does. He's super passionate about his craft and he genuinely enjoys helping you achieve whatever goals you have for yourself. It's hard to find people in today's world like Nick, truly. When you are trying to change your life for the better you need people like him to stand with you through the process. His genuine kindness and the grace he gives you are remarkable.

A month ago, my legs felt like they each weighed double their actual weight. They now feel as close to the legs I once knew before all of the hell ensued. This and this alone gives me a feeling of joy and hope that transcends all of the physical pain I've endured throughout my whole life. Once Nick "woke up my nervous system" a few weeks back I could feel so much more. It was great in the sense of my motor function but extremely painful because I could now feel the years of wear and tear I've put my body through these past 17+ years as I've successfully gone from no movement from the waist down to where I am today.

Nick has been supporting me outside of his practice as things develop. We have an open line of communication that he takes time out of his life and practice to pour into just to stay updated between our weekly visits. This is really important because so many things are changing. His knowledge and willingness to keep learning, growing, and getting better are a rare find. He is one of the biggest blessings of a human being that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He's helping me get the life I once knew and loved, a life in which I can freely move and express myself without issue physically, back.

I deeply implore anyone who has any type of pain or dysfunction in the body to give Nick a call and set up a consult. If you've been treated more like a number rather than a human being in the past, I would give Nick a call. If you're serious about achieving what you once believed was "impossible" within yourself, I would give Nick a call.

I will be updating my reviews monthly as we progress. For now, I feel uncharacteristically well in the body, which has helped the mind and spirit immensely. My pain levels are under control. My confidence in myself is through the roof. My hope for the future I've dreamed of since I got sick has never been more rooted reality than it is now. To know I have Nick by my side throughout the process is truly special to me. I'm looking forward to our session tomorrow and I'm grateful to be a small part of his far-reaching work/success.


Joseph Bolta 

- The Hands on Medicine - 

In January 2020, I faced real adversity with my health for the first time in my life. One night I was on my couch watching football, and out of nowhere I had a sudden sense of discomfort and imbalance in my head. The feeling frightened me to the point of what I now know was a panic attack. I had chest pain, shortness of breath, and I felt as though I could pass out at any moment.


I experienced these symptoms consistently over the next few months and saw as many doctors as I could to try and help me make sense of what was happening. I went to the Urgent Care, ER, Cardiologist, Neurologist, Functional Medicine Doctor, Primary Care, Chiropractor, ENT, and a Psychiatrist. I had test after test performed and everything came back normal. I kept thinking, “Is this just all in my head? What the heck is wrong with me?!”

There was about a month or so during this time where I was genuinely afraid that I would have to change the life I knew and would become limited physically. My anxiety was also out of control and I was having many panic attacks.


After consulting with Nick, we discovered my experiences were likely due to a head injury I had the month prior the start of symptoms. This was a surprise to me because I had already gone through a series of imaging and neurological examinations which all came back clean. Luckily I decided to see Nick for treatment, as this was the first time I felt true relief and saw tangible results with my health.

Allison Kallevig

- Ultramarathon Runner -

Beth and her Neursomatic Therapy helped me get through training for the Pinellas Trail Challenge. 


With her techniques, stretches and patient-centric attention, I was able to focus on my workouts and running so that I could effectively train and complete the 46 mile race with little to no pain and even walk the next day! 


Thanks to Beth for helping me reach my goal and I look forward to my next appointment.   


Norine Troupe

- Daily aches and pains - 

I am a personal trainer & fitness educator and  suffer from aches and pains from so much training due to past injuries


Since coping with the agony from years of abusing my body in the gym and on the mats as well as a car accident , I came to NST with multiple herniations in my neck spine & extreme tightness in my hamstring.  My symptoms were debilitating to the point where I had to redesign my workout and movement patterns to make it through the day with minor pain. 


Within 3 months of consistent weekly sessions, I felt significant improvement. Not only had most of my symptoms subsided, I even felt complete relief for extended periods of time!


The only relapses I experience creep up on me when I haven’t been back for a therapy appointment in awhile. I’m thankful it only takes a visit or two and I’m feeling back to new.


If you’re experiencing chronic pain, a lagging injury, or some annoying physical discomfort, I can not encourage you enough to come see Nick and allow him to work his education on you.  

He’s a great listener, his energy is always positive and he truly understands the body.


Sending a huge thank you to Nick and staff for helping me feel like my youthful self again!!

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